Simple Upgrade Ideas for Your Home

Most families don’t have enough money to do a full home renovation at one time. There are some cheap and basic home improvements you can do to help rejuvenate your home, though. Below are five ways to improve your home’s appearance:

  1. Repaint: you can transform any room with a fresh coat of paint. Try adding a new color to the room to give it a complete new look. After painting, you can add new accessories that boost the appearance of your room. For example, paint your bedroom in your color choice then add linens that are a complementary color to tie it all together. If you don’t have the time or money to repaint now, or if you like the color the room is currently painted in, simply clean the walls thoroughly and touch up the paint. This will give the room a fresh look without the cost.
  2. Add a tile back-splash: it can be very expensive to remodel a kitchen. It’s a lot of work as well since you have several major appliances that will need to be moved. A simple change you can make in your kitchen is to add a tile back-splash. Not only with this protect your wall behind the sink, counter tops, and stove from stains and moisture, but it can add visual appeal to your kitchen.
  3. Install crown molding: this can give your room depth and a decorative flair. There are many options available with crown molding, so choose one that fits your room and style.
  4. Lighting upgrade: changing the lighting in your room can greatly improve the appearance. Start by buying fixtures to upgrade areas in the room that are high impact, such as your entryway or above your dining room table. Use lighting to focus on elements within the room where you want to draw attention.
  5. Replace household and cabinet hardware: it is very costly to replace your kitchen cabinets, but simply replacing the hardware can make them look like new. Try to find pieces that are the same shape and size as your current hardware to make the project simple. Remember, though, that some hardware will not be able to be changed, such as those on appliances. Keep those pieces in mind as you shop for new hardware if you want them all to mesh.

As you can see, there are many ways to update your home without a lot of expense. Be creative and save money at the same time by following these tips.

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