How to Choose the Right Paint for Your House?

Whether you are repainting or painting your new house, choosing the right house painting is an integral part of your paint project. For the first timers like you, choosing the right type of paint can be a daunting task to do. Therefore, it is crucial to understand the type of paint you need for your house.

Understanding different types of painting

Understand the different types of paint that have different functions. There is no all-in-one solution if we are talking about the paint types. But the most popular ones are water-based, oil-based, and semi-gloss.

Water-based paint type

Water-based paint type is the most flexible type of paint. You will find the different names in the market but the stores are using latex paint or acrylic paint to describe water-based paint. It can withstand the extreme weather so that it can make a great choice for interior and exterior.

Oil-based paint type

Oil-based is one of the most durable types. But it takes longer than water-based paint to dry. Because of its durability, it can make a perfect choice to paint the rooms with heavy traffic such as entryways, kitchen, playrooms, sport court, etc. You could apply this type in high traffic areas in your house.

Semi gloss paint

Semi-gloss is a less popular choice because of its hefty price. However, it comes with irreplaceable advantages such as stain-resistance and easy maintenance. It is the most moisture-resistant paint of all. Therefore, apply this for your bathrooms, kitchen, or other rooms that have more moistures.

Choose the right color

Choosing the color of your paint will affect your overall house design greatly. Some people who wrongly chose the color of the paint would need to re-paint to finish the project. And it will be expensive to conduct. Consider taking your time to consider the available color options offered by the home improvement stores. Sometimes, you will need to create unique shade for your house.

Choose the paint finishes

The paint finishes will also affect the overall house design greatly. So, you will want to choose the right one for your specific purpose. Take your time to learn about different types of finishes such as matte paint finish, eggshell paint finish, satin paint finish, gloss paint finish, sheen, and so on.

Arrange your budget

Before carrying out your renovation or repainting plan, you will want to decide how much the paint to purchase. An adequate size of room will need at least two galon for one coat of paint. If you conduct more coats, the prices will be doubled up.

A gallon of paint would cost around $30 to $60, depending on the products. If you are doing it yourself, you will need at least a $200 budget per room. The cost to hire professionals can be around $300 to $700, not including the fees for paint gallon.

Use the online painting calculator to get the closest estimation. By then, you will be able to arrange your budget.



You can buy paint from anywhere you want: local stores, national stores, or online

stores. Make sure to pick the reputable stores so that you will get the best offers. What is your future project? Let us know in the comment section below.

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